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This winter you are invited to participate in a season of commissions, performances, exhibitions and events which respond to climate change and imagine more sustainable futures and ways of living.

Engaging with what some are calling the most important event of this century – COP21 UN climate change negotiations in Paris (30th November – 11th December), this season is a celebration of creative exploration, debate and discussion connecting art, climate change and environmental sustainability.

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What is COP21? And why is it important?

Commissioning Partners

We're working with arts organisations across the country. Click here to see a full list of our partners and funders!
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Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The nation’s centre of excellence for performing and production arts training, providing specialised vocational education in dance, drama, music, production and screen production.
Renowned performance artist Nic Green will lead RCS students in a series of workshops and a performance of devised work addressing climate change at the CCA.
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Gayfield Creative Spaces

A series of venues and workshops geared to creative collaboration located in central Edinburgh in and around a former tyre depot just off Gayfield Square.
Unpacking the components of current mattress and how they might be repurposed, the To Sleep Lightly exhibition engages viewers in questions of sustainable product design and manufacture, presenting new ideas for the future of the mattress!
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Firefly Arts

Offering theatre skills, film and drama activity for children and young people aged 5 to 25 years across West Lothian. Aiming to deliver quality and equitable arts activity that builds confidence, aspiration, social and creative skills.
Linlithgow’s young people will take the stage this December with a series of guerrilla performances following a series of conversations with scientists and social researchers on the topic of climate change.
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The Lifecycle of Stuff

The Lifecycle of Stuff is an exciting new partnership between artist Kathy Beckett, Creative Carbon Scotland and City of Edinburgh Council exploring the circular economy with six of Edinburgh’s schools and engaging with the links between creative learning, art, sustainability and climate change.
Working with young people, Kathy is facilitating a series of workshops with each school looking at everyday materials and resources and their potential future upcycling or use. Artistic work will be celebrated and exhibitedat the Church Hill Theatre and Assembly Rooms.
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Deveron Arts

A contemporary arts organisation based in Huntly, a market town in the north east of Scotland with a population of 4,500.
Deveron Arts are commissioning a storyteller to reinvigorate the tale of the White Wood, working with the community to bring ecology and peace together in a tale that will still be told in 300 years’ time.
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The Stove Network

Working with artists, young people, local people and groups to make accessible public art events and activities in Dumfries and build national and international connections for the arts in South West Scotland.
For a week during December at the close of the COP21, The Stove will bring issues and comment on Climate Change into the heart of Dumfries town centre with interactive artworks and public actions, including live art, performance, workshops, and exhibitions.

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